''Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.''
    -Stephen Hawking

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    Jeff Uhrig
    Chief Executive Officer


    Jeff Sullivan
    Senior VP of Research & Development

    An Invitation to industry

    What it means for products

    Fast cure speeds at ambient temperatures significantly reducing cycle times, increasing throughput, reducing energy costs, and enabling new material selections in a broad range of customer and consumer applications, automotive, electronics, millwork, packaging, and hygiene.
    The chemical reaction

    Anionic Polymerization

    This reaction occurs in our materials rapidly at room temperature, allowing partners to make high molecular weight reactive products, such as, coatings, adhesives, inks, resins and sealants.


    "As a step-change in technology, Chemilian and Forza invite industrial customers of all types to think about their assembly and manufacturing processes in new ways."

    - Jeff Sullivan, Ph.D., Senior VP R&D

    Meet ChemilianTM & ForzaTM

    Introducing a breakthrough




    ChemilianTM products have one alkene group with the potential to have a wide variety of substituent terminal or functional groups, that can be used to make high molecular weight polymers.







    ForzaTM products contain multiple alkene groups allowing cross-linking for the development of polymers exhibiting high strength, thermal and chemical resistance.


    Our proprietary technology enables us to manufacture, stabilize, activate and formulate a new class of materials.

    “Sirrus advances manufacturing technologies through chemistry.”

    - Jeff Uhrig, CEO