Careers At Sirrus

Why work at Sirrus?

We’re a start up company with an entrepreneurial spirit at the core of our culture. While more than half our staff possess advanced educational degrees, we’re not just a bunch of bookish individuals who sit around and discuss lofty subjects. We’re eclectic and diverse, and very proud how our individuals come together as a collaborative team to meet every challenge and opportunity.
Not only do we like working together, we also like to socialize after the work is done for the day. Whether it’s organizing an after-hours trip to the Great American Ball Park to cheer on the Cincinnati Reds, throwing a few strikes on the Sirrus bowling team, helping grill healthy lunch options for our bi-weekly “Lunch & Learn” innovation sessions or unwinding on the golf course with co-workers, we’re a friendly group of people.
Our corporate culture is one built on a foundation of respect, curiosity, an innovative spirit and a profound love of science.  We’re a small start-up company with a big heart.  Many of our employees spend their free time on mission trips, volunteering with local charities and “giving back” to our community.  Our team likes working together and playing together.  If you’re ever in the Greater Cincinnati area, please call us to arrange a tour of our facility.  We always have coffee brewing and would be honored to share a quick visit with you.



Careers at Sirrus:


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Intern Class - Fall 2013

Co-Op Class – Fall 2013


Co-Op Class – Winter 2014

Co-Op Class - Summer 2014

Co-Op Class – Summer 2014